At last, here they are. An orgy of scans of all the vintage Kaneko demon artwork featured in the All About Megami Tensei 2" book I picked up a couple weeks back. While feel free to enjoy the bizarre inside front cover and preview selections featured in the tumblr gallery above, if you want the full resolution scans, they can be found below, with demon highlights listed for each two-page spread. Unfortunately, as you will see, layout ensured that some demons would have to be spread over the binding, but I did the best I could. Some pages were actually starting to separate from the binding as I was scanning, so if that ends up happening in earnest, I’d be willing to give those particular demons another shot. 


kazuma kaneko

had a nice day

have a nice day


our lord returns to us in order to educate us about mars

1/1 scale soft vinyl toy of Miggy from Dunk. Available for reserve here. No comment on the second picture.

Nakagawa Manabu’s autobiographical manga about his sudden subarachnoid (brain) hemorrhage, featuring the personification of the onset of this hemorrhage in the form of the bat wielding bear “Kumoman”.