promo video from shougakukan for the first volume of “dead dead demons dedede destruction” by asano inio


A little fairy tale ‘fun’ from this Kodansha revival of a late ’60s experimental project which served as a recurring feature in the Osamu Tezuka-founded progressive magazine COM.

(Fantasy World Jun, Shōtarō Ishinomori c. 1977)

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alchemichael I’m not sure if my answer went through or not because tumblr is bad, so I’ll post the information here as well. You asked me about the English version of Matsumoto Taiyou’s No. 5. There are some volumes published by Viz that are now probably out of print. The series was dropped after the second volume b/c of very poor sales in the states. I think it was published before Viz established the English side of its Signature Ikki line of series that were serialized in Ikki magazine and didn’t get a second chance after it formed.

As far as the English version goes, you can read scanlations of the series (should be on or whatever other aggregate site) that were completed and there’s also an official translation available through the "No. 5 Taiyo Matsumoto [IKKI COMiX] application" which you can view on any IOS device. The application includes some animated videos with it too, I think. I remember that the typesetting of the digital version from the application isn’t all that great though.

It’s a fun series, a pretty interesting take on the super hero team trope.


Miuchi Suzue — Glass Mask

pretty interesting newest chapter. italian kurusu.

Zajiroh interview



Creating manga is kind of like you’re a child who’s stolen some money, and when asked about it you lie and say you found it on the ground, but then the grown-ups keep asking more and more questions, and you have to keep making up more and more lies and make it more real. Like, I’ve already gone and said that I’d make this series, so now I have to follow through on that original lie to the end and make it look like something real. People who are good at making manga are really good liars, I think.

Taiyo Matsumoto, in a 1997 interview.